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Author: Gilad Gafni

Gavée Gold / Articles posted by Gilad Gafni

Why These 6 Essentials Should Be In Your Beauty Routine for Real Results

Beauty Blog By Tiffany Andersen Volume 1

When was the last time you changed your beauty routine? Mine used to be pretty simple back in the day. I would wash my makeup off and then moisturize. Easy peasy. That worked for me then but I learned if I wanted real results, as I got older, then I had to adopt a different protocol. It’s not really until I became an aesthetician that I started to have an understanding of the importance of different ingredients and it really started to evolve even more with my personal journey. That’s a WHOLE other story as you may know (stay tuned for more on that in future blogs) but truly healthy skin requires a balance of these six essential ingredients. Here is my arsenal of must-have ingredients that I have not been without for twenty years. Now I’m not saying that if you don’t use these every single day you won’t see results but consistency is the key as with any good habit.

Cell Salts May Be What You Need More of in Your Life

We all know salt is usually thought of as being bad for you (table salt is one of our biggest enemies) but did you also know how it affects your body’s function?  There’s Himalayan salt (the pink one), fleur de seul (the delicate French grey one), kosher salt (every chef’s BFF), sea salt (produced through evaporation), and I could go on but what do you know about CELL SALTS?