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Author: Kim Wright

Gavée Gold / Articles posted by Kim Wright

Get Pretty for the Party

Are you ready for the holidays? Are you ready to truly glow, sparkle and make a statement at your parties and events? Give your skin a quick pick-me-up while allowing yourself a much deserved break by trying this luxurious at-home facial treatment. Follow these steps at night,...

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How to Increase Your Skin’s Natural Ability to Make More Peptides

Today we are going to discover a new facial treatment to increase the production of your skin’s natural ability to create its OWN peptides. Do you ever wonder why your skin looks so amazing after a facial? And more so, how come you can’t seem to duplicate that effect at home with other products?

I am going to let you in on a little secret most medical estheticians know. But first, let me clarify what a medical esthetician is so not to confuse it with a European esthetician. A medical esthetician is a licensed esthetician with advanced training by a doctor who works only in a medical spa and who does many of the same aggressive lasers and peels a doctor does. Why is this important to know? Because understanding aggressive lasers and peels and what they do the skin means you understand how to correct and rejuvenate chronically damaged skin. The majority of aggressive lasers are designed to break down the skin or create trauma in some way, causing the skin to generate more collagen and growth factors to create a firmer, smoother more youthful appearance. A European esthetician, on the other hand, focuses on a “feel good facial” and does not work in a doctor’s office.

Now back to peptides and how to “trick” your skin into creating their own!