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Beauty Bible

Having overcome unimaginable adversities in her own life, including a near-fatal car accident and later a battle with stage IV non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and learning that her body could no longer filter toxins, Tiffany began her quest to rebuild her body and renew her emotional and spiritual health.  Today, Tiffany is a top Las Vegas medical aesthetician and holistic health practitioner.  Her struggles are documented in her award-winning memoir, Finding Faith.

Tiffany’s personal mission is to inspire … H.O.P.E.

Health and beauty uncompromised by toxins;
Optimism through life’s greatest challenges;
Peace that surrounds you when you need it most;
Encouragement to never give up!

It is in our weakness that we find strength … this gives us a story to tell and HOPE to share.

Many of the answers to health and beauty lie in the natural world available to all … but are still unknown to many.

Through education, HOPE will become contagious.

These beliefs have been Tiffany’s cornerstone, as she has renewed and rebuilt her body from the inside out, for the last thirty years.  She is now excited to share what she has learned through her newly released Living Cancer Free, Naturally – Beauty Bible, available as a free download to all first-time customers for a limited time.

“In my quest to heal my body, I gained great knowledge about nutrition, holistic healing, and alternative therapies, to which I credit for saving my life. I now feel an obligation to pass that knowledge and experience on and share what I have discovered.  As a holistic health practitioner and survivor, I simply see it as my responsibility and my purpose to share this information with others.”

—Tiffany Andersen



The Beauty Bible is currently being updated and will be available again in the coming weeks.

We apologize for the wait but we think you’re going to find it was well worth it! Thank you!!!