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How to Increase Your Skin’s Natural Ability to Make More Peptides

Today we are going to discover a new facial treatment to increase the production of your skin’s natural ability to create its OWN peptides. Do you ever wonder why your skin looks so amazing after a facial? And more so, how come you can’t seem to duplicate that effect at home with other products?

I am going to let you in on a little secret most medical estheticians know. But first, let me clarify what a medical esthetician is so not to confuse it with a European esthetician. A medical esthetician is a licensed esthetician with advanced training by a doctor who works only in a medical spa and who does many of the same aggressive lasers and peels a doctor does. Why is this important to know? Because understanding aggressive lasers and peels and what they do the skin means you understand how to correct and rejuvenate chronically damaged skin. The majority of aggressive lasers are designed to break down the skin or create trauma in some way, causing the skin to generate more collagen and growth factors to create a firmer, smoother more youthful appearance. A European esthetician, on the other hand, focuses on a “feel good facial” and does not work in a doctor’s office.

Now back to peptides and how to “trick” your skin into creating their own!

Here is the secret…

First you must do a deep exfoliation, because when the skin is “attacked” by a manual exfoliation such as our Diamond Cell Salt Polish, it is being “thinned out” creating a smoother appearance, yes, but also opening up the pathways for peptides and other anti-aging elements to penetrate deeper.

Peptides like Argireline (Acetyl Hexapeptide)––such as the ones we have in our Liquid Gold Peptides––have been marketed as a safer, less expensive and non-invasive alternative to Botox. Peptides are designed, proven and clinically tested to leave you with healthy glowing, brighter and tighter skin!

Did you know?

Peptides are the protein bonds that hold your skin cells together, protecting your epidermis, keeping it strong, and revealing a firmer healthier glow in your skin!

Your epidermis is primarily collagen. Collagen is protein comprised mainly of important amino acids linking together like a chain. Collagen is depleted daily by internal and external factors, aging, sunlight and environmental toxins. As a result you are left with dull, lifeless, wrinkled and pigmented skin. When this begins to happen, the peptide bonds react sending your skin a “message” to generate…guess what? YEP, more peptides. Applying peptides topically will cause your to skin to react in the same way because the skin “thinks” it’s a collagen breakdown. Now what do you think the skin will do now?

YOU GOT IT––it will create MORE PEPTIDES!


Isn’t the skin amazing how it works!

Striking Gold, With Liquid Gold

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Why These 6 Essentials Should Be In Your Beauty Routine for Real Results

Beauty Blog By Tiffany Andersen Volume 1

When was the last time you changed your beauty routine? Mine used to be pretty simple back in the day. I would wash my makeup off and then moisturize. Easy peasy. That worked for me then but I learned if I wanted real results, as I got older, then I had to adopt a different protocol. It’s not really until I became an aesthetician that I started to have an understanding of the importance of different ingredients and it really started to evolve even more with my personal journey. That’s a WHOLE other story as you may know (stay tuned for more on that in future blogs) but truly healthy skin requires a balance of these six essential ingredients. Here is my arsenal of must-have ingredients that I have not been without for twenty years. Now I’m not saying that if you don’t use these every single day you won’t see results but consistency is the key as with any good habit.

Cell Salts May Be What You Need More of in Your Life

We all know salt is usually thought of as being bad for you (table salt is one of our biggest enemies) but did you also know how it affects your body’s function?  There’s Himalayan salt (the pink one), fleur de seul (the delicate French grey one), kosher salt (every chef’s BFF), sea salt (produced through evaporation), and I could go on but what do you know about CELL SALTS?

Dangerous Ingredients to Avoid

Should you have a question about any of our approved or non-approved ingredients, please email us and our clinical pharmacist, who specializes in cosmetic ingredient toxicology, will review your question and will ensure one of our licensed/certified practitioners responds to you within 72 hours. Please do...

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