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Product Uses

Product Usage

Gavée Gold is dedicated to unparalleled excellence, luxury, and science of skincare without adding fillers or toxins to our products. Our range of products are considered professional grade and were created by an aesthetician with 20+ years experience as a medical aesthetician who understands the key elements needed to reversing the aging process.

You should be aware that our products are considerably higher in actives than most over-the-counter products and are considered professional grade. Due to the high concentrations of actives in the Gavée Gold Collection you may experience a detox effect. This will appear in the form of small red bumps that may last for a few days when beginning the program. This is a rare effect, but not uncommon when the skin is not used to absorbing highly concentrated super foods. Your skin will balance and begin to glow the Gavée Gold way within a few days.

Tingling Effect – “Flushing of cheeks”

Because of the high actives in our products you may also experience a slight sensation, which many times appears almost as a niacin flush. You may feel a slight tingling and see the the skin increasing circulation via pink cheeks. This is part of the Gavée Gold Glow, and a key indication that the products are working and will quickly subside leaving only healthy dewy skin.

Dewy Feeling on the Skin

The highly concentrated super foods in our products will absorb to the deepest level of the skin without the use of synthetic silicones. Silicones are toxic fillers and should never be used in skincare. When you are using a product that is packed with high concentrations of pure nutrition you will notice that a little bit of product goes a long way. This is because in order to be a ‘high-performing organic skincare,’ it is imperative you use high concentrations of actives and organic super foods vs. synthetic fillers, i.e., silicons, phenoxynol, sulfates, etc. See our full list by clicking here.

Our products are loaded with nutrition, and we do not ‘water them down’. You may opt to thin them out with our Gold Citrus Mist by misting your face 2-4 times to help the product last longer and alleviate a heavy dewy feeling. This may be especially important to those living in a moist climate. Those living in a dry climate most likely will not want to thin out the products with the Gold Citrus Mist.

Customizing Your Exfoliating Products

When using our Diamond Cell Salt Polish, which is a manual exfoliation, please use your best judgment on how much exfoliation your skin needs, or read our website for skincare recommendations customized for your conditions. For example, customers with sensitive skin will not need to use as much pressure or time to experience a great exfoliation. Customers with a thicker epidermis will want to use more pressure and more time during the exfoliation treatment.

The same can be said for our Golden Enzymes, which is a glycolic acid and enzyme peel. Sensitive skin customers may want to use it less often and may feel a stronger tingling effect than customers with a thicker epidermis who may want to use it as often as morning and night.

When using either one of the exfoliating products, you may experience mild dryness for several days. This is normal and we recommend you increase the serums, gels, and moisturizers to help while your skin is shedding its dead cells.

Additionally, if you are doing an advanced treatment and combining the two exfoliating products during the same day, this is considered a double exfoliation, no different than what an aesthetician does during a spa treatment. This may cause a ‘heat rash’ effect and leave the skin with small red bumps for several days. This is also normal and is a sign your skin is getting ready to shed the dead cells, leaving only fresh baby skin underneath.

Please download our Skin Regimen Charts for quick and easy instructions.

Commitment to Certification

We carry stringent Certification through Good Cosmetic Manufacturing Practices, which ensures that all of our processes in manufacturing, cosmetic developing, and packaging are following proper guidelines as outlined under the laws of GCMP.


We do not treat, cure, or prescribe. The information on this website is for personal use only and not intended to replace the advice of a medical doctor. We make no claims to treat, cure, or diagnose any illness. Always seek the advice of a medical professional.

Feedback or Questions

We appreciate your feedback and are also available to answer your questions regarding our products and their usage. Please feel free to send us an email to Thank you for taking the time to let us know how we are doing and what further we can do to improve your experience.